International Journal of Energy & Technology

Editor-in-Chief: Prof.  Giulio Lorenzini - University of Parma (Italy)



The International Journal of Energy & Technology accepts experimental, theoretical and numerical papers. Contributions include, but are not limited to:

  • energy transfer processes in all kinds of applied problems
  • energy systems
  • energy management and energy saving problems
  • energy from subsurface natural resource
  • natural gas technology
  • fuel/waste/underground combustion
  • alternative energy sources
  • solar and emerging technologies
  • new technologies
  • problems related to energy and the environment
  • sustainability in energy technologies and policies
  • policy or regulatory issues that affect energy resources
  • hypotheses in novel energy applications
  • heat transfer problems
  • refrigeration and air conditioning
  • thermophysical properties
  • analysis, design, manufacturing, testing, and operation of technical components, devices, and systems
  • industrial processes improvements
  • fluid mechanics
  • flows in biological systems
  • jets
  • sprays
  • applied thermodynamics
  • innovative medical therapies

Papers that do not include original work but present quality analysis or incremental improvement to past work may be published if agreed by the Editorial staff. Originality, scientific merit and high quality relevance are the major criteria for the acceptance of a submitted paper.